Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Writer is born,not Made!!!

       Not philosophy nor Customization, make a writer.A writer has the capability to emphatize and stretch his stories into a reader's heart.So,a writer has to be emotionally receptive with a concise understanding of all the limitations of human psyche.Reader categories are imbued with Societial Influences and personal perceptions and a writer has to amass the understanding of the hearts that he touches.
         Shortly,in layman's language,"A WRITER IS A SOUL-SEARCHER AND A SOUL-EMPHATHIZER".But being a writer does not require coveted degrees or fanciful theories about society.No,not at all.The point is ,your story should be comprehendable and well-etched having it's heart intact.Be it an Adventurer's callous recalling of his journey or a holocaust victim's written story about her horrid experiences .
        You have a story,just tell it.Emotions,the art of making a reader understand your perspective of the story,makes a writer strike.Before writing,just emphatize and feel the emotions and story angles from all facets and do not ever feel deja-vu when you write.Many people nip the bud of their stories due to deja vu  recreation and sabotagement belief's.Feel it,believe it and just prove that,"A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword"!!