Tuesday, 29 November 2011


                  There are two facets of every story in the World. One is the supportive paradigm and the other is obviously the critical opposition. Journalism is an arena which involves putting up multiple prioritizations and adjusting and changing with trending times. It involves calling a spade or camouflaging the naked Truth. So, a journalist needs to be of sound mind and an equally rigid and honest moral. It is often said that a journalist changes for the sake of his story or coverage to gain leverage in the public and personal domain but for how long can you blame the educated sophomores for their work and the difficulties their profession darts out?

                   India has a reputed history of producing thought-provoking journalist right from Pre-British era. Journalist hold a pivotal role symbolizing “Been there, seen that syndrome”! In all space and time era’s. A detailed historic account, spearheading a movement or just acting as a mere catalyst, media has a staggering importance and presence in the world history. Records show that, when Freedom Struggle Movements ensued, newspapers or vartapatra were read out at community cornerstones to accelerate the feeling of fight to gain freedom. Many such detailed descriptions include Lokmanya Tilak starting Kesri Periodicals and Hitler using propaganda theories to gain goodwill among the anti-semantic crowds.

                             So, in nutshell, a journalist has to be tenacious, mentally reciprocative and vigilant and should follow a specific set of guidelines or a charter to keep him under the so called “Righteous path. Because, Journalism as a profession is a social duty to find the truth and deliver it to the correct sources and society. So, a journalist’s sources and his general body of knowledge stems from his experience, practical application and keen pursuit of truth. There exist books to re-inforce the ethics and morality in gathering news, regulating bodies to censor the flow of information and at the end of the chart exist audiences. Audience reception, rejection and response are the 3R’s that affect the validity of news. So, maintaining credibility in spite of being a part of the social start involving politics, society, global world and juggle the pressure is not an easy feat. So, Journalists should be respected and valued, as this will lead to them bringing a sense of credibility and responsibility to their news. On the prima facie, victimization can occur with audiences too. Many-a times news bodies may place over due and complacent faith on their sources or self-virtuously proclaim their credibility with no tamper-proof methods. So, these gate-keepers need to be humble in their outlook, sophisticated in their tasks and draw a thin line between media victimization to ensure existence of a healthy and well-informed world.

               So, let’s discuss about one of the reputed journalist and her life and try to understand the highs and lows of the profession in concise.

Barkha Dutt was born in Delhi to a family of affable journalists and army men and lost her Mother at a very young age. All these factors cocooned her into taking a deep interest in the media field and the lady has specified that too.

                   She pursued her journalism and then joined NDTV news and climbed the success ladder in brief no time owing to her extensive knowledge and practical approach. She became a well known personality when she went onto extensively cover the Kargil War. But later on she generated a lot of flak for her coverage of the 26/11 Mumbai blasts wherein she over did it with footage coverage as per some reports. Defending her forte via NDTV she lashed out that, during the attack, situation was very tense and no one was expecting any specified outcome and it was natural for media to restrict itself till a certain point and then cover the news. According to her many people had lauded her bravery and skills for the same whereas certain section had created a lot of negative scribe. But later on she incredulously appeared in a 2G scam of lobbying and the case was even called as “Radia gate” in symbolization to her involvement in the case along with the likes of Nira Radia and others.
So we can figure out how compressing and tepid the media industry is and how the quote, survival of the wittiest holds true.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


                The incongrual and pensive debate about the supremacy between a pen and a sword has been a widely debatable and practically demonstrated battle. It has been a derailed account of intellect and strength and the shadows cast by them that affected and somehow changed history.

                Our mythologies depict the divine politics between ASURAS and DEVAS as a historic and a well balanced one where intellect and strength i.e. pen and sword were balanced. Ideas were used to well avert battles as much as possible but when need aroused even battles were fought.

                Recent Anna Hazare campaigns claimed to be Gandhist but were actually anti-pen as public outrage and opinions were channelized through strong political movements.

So where does the analysis of two forte lead to?

Subjectively, both the factors form the crux of the social, economic, political and historic world but a fine line and balance needs to be maintained as both are relatively cohesive and important.

                 A pen is a symbol of wisdom and tranquility and can dictate history, propagate thoughts and alter life .For a linear example look at Anne Frank’s diary that beautifully and vividly explains the anti-Semitic situations and it’s repercussions on the populace belonging to Jewish communities.

                   Many Jew situation sympathizers and common masses still treat “the diary of Anne Frank” and Anne herself as their inspiration and Anne was a critical angle to understanding the violent nature of the Nazi regime. Again Pen and sword and their connection were brought into the fore-front.

                    Sword is a symbol of power and battles and testosterone outburst. Swords are in connotation to wars and today’s generation battles arise due to border disputes, global economic crisis ,terrorism, political instability and internet information security ,however there is an insane combination trending today where words instigate wars and vice-versa.    

                So my answer would be this,.Pen and Swords have an ambivalent relationship and a fine balance and a fine balance between them should be strived rather than exaggerate and over-focus on one of the aspects and agendas.


                                                 Contrast and opposite views

Friday, 25 November 2011


Media and electronic communication are one of the speediest ways of spreading information to the audience and creating a reactionary response for the same. Media has its own sets of principles on how to present any news or information and how accurate or copious it is. India is a country with a staggering ratio of populace and the amount of uneducated civilians is also huge. These audiences mainly rely on the popular forms of media to stay abreast of all the current happenings and accept all of media’s claims to be true and go on making their beliefs in the same direction.

For example during the era of Second World War and Hitler’s regime, his forces used the propaganda theory and mass media to create an illusionary image of Hitler among his followers to justify his anti-Jew belief’s and actions. Modes of media like radio and news-papers were used to infiltrate and opinionate people against the Slavs and Jews. This strategy plays a massive and integral role in creating followers for Hitler and balancing the stroke of power.

In recent times media has unknowingly changed the tides of many high prolific cases in the country by creating opinion and sticking to the codes of ethics. In the movie No one killed Jessica and in real life too, Jessica’s murder created a huge shockwave through the country and justice was served when protests and rallies and proofs for the case where high-lighted and presented by the media. In the movie Rani Mukherjee played a media journalist who relentlessly pursued her mission and got justice for the victim and set a positive role model for young journalists.

But even the cons of the same issue are staggering and pensive. Movies like Peepli live portrayed media’s critical approach in getting bland stories to the verge of insanity and drawing up a whole village to vociferous drama. Media has been

shown as overtly ambitious and TRP oriented and the basic innate drive of responsible journalism to be missing. Media should focus on getting real serious stories that can change lives and keep society on track as media is a form of gate-keeper and also keep them in check otherwise the statement,” if gate-keeper’s go insane who will keep gate-keepers at bay” will come alive

A radical and strong approach from the audience for the media news reception and analysis is important so as to segregate hay from the churn as there is a constant media and information over-load in today’s trending times and so getting authentic news is very important. For this the audiences should understand that media is just a news provider and should keep themselves at guard from unrequited news and believe in truth. No matter media is very powerful and penetrative and can influence public opinion but it should also maintain its limits and harbor and grow efficiently.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


                               "age withers away in mist,
                               what remains is experience
                               A scintillating journey called life
                               where happiness lies in true relations"

                        "MR HARRIS" the voice capriciously echoes in the dormitory room as the Nurse passes by handling over a letter."TO GRANDPA" the scribbled childish letters send an impulse of emotions  through the old man's spine.The old man in his late 90's sits on a cane bench upfront near the sunlit window,voraciously reading the letter.The nurse returns again to put the old man through a series of medications.The man has been in the hospital for nearly 28 years.The nurse mandy has been taking care of the old man and helping him recurperate of a disease that has no solution whatsoever.
Because the man has been suffering from a memory related disorder and he cannot remember anything except the day when his son visited him.

           to grandpa,
                 i am fine...little miss joey misses you.mommy and dadda say,she is going to be a mommy soon.the doggy loves to play with me.i love you grandpa Harris.Mommy says,you need rest for your little heart and so you are away.get well soon Grandpa..i love you.
                 since granny is not well,she has'nt baked cookies at all.daddy says we all are happy to have found you after such a long time.he tells me stories about how you went to fight World war-1 in the army.i am proud of you and one day even i want to be a soldier.i proudly brag and boast about you to my friends.We are coming to take you home soon grandpa!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             lots of love.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               your's max.

Tear drops slide across the old saggy cheeks as the old man smiles with his glass tips perched on the nose and the story of his life racing against his mind to be unfolded to a stranger in myriad ways.A stranger who visits him every day yet the same  successive story telling takes place.
               The old man was in the army in the year 1912.He was stationed at Arizona,tuscan in US.he was happily married with three kids and had a beautiful wife who loved him till eternity.There was a wide spread fear of a mammoth war That woud usurp the world peace and get everyone fighting.circulars had been sent to the sergeants and soldiers to join the army in a brief span of time.There was a hidden pain in the couple's eyes as separation and fear of losing kept drifting and hovering around.
one of the last memories frank had about his family was having spent an evening with them during christmas before leaving for the war.They had prepared a christmas tree and baked cookies and cakes together singing christmas carols till the wee hours.making the most of the last remaining togetherness the couple had promised to meet each other and that the war would get over and peace would fall upon and their family would be together again.hugging against the fire place as the time seemed to slow down the new day and a new cgapter in their life had begun.Seragent Frank left for the army bidding farewell and promising to return soon as tear drops swelled across each of the kids eyes as their loving father diminished into the streets.According to neighbours and people alike,"the crusader had set to prove a point to the world.
the war between the supper-powers for the power had begun.That was the crucial time period when infiltration,battles,brutality were at peak acting as the precursor for world war-1.He was called sergeant Frank Harris.
cities were bombed and people killed.The battle took place on the borders and a separate battle between religious groups,extremists and civilians took place in many countries.Frank never supported violence,Infact he had always been taught the message of love by his parents who visited the church regularly to instaill virtues of peace and lovingness to their only child.The massacre and the gory destruction haunted him and he wrote,
                                "terror and blood rose across,
                                world kept missiles on the dock.
                                no hope,no glory for lord,
                                the battle steals all the peace,
                                only if i knew why???

Rough Battles,Blood Gory,loss of lives and the heavy destruction were the sight at the battle of world war.Frank had to survive admist enemies by pretending to be dead for days at end,dress and camouflage as commoners and live in the dangerous hub of the world.The soldiers had to struggle to fight and survive and many lost their lives and their bodies were never sent back to their families.During one of such events Frank was hit by a bullet and badly injured his spinal cord.his reflexes and nervous system got affected and he collapsed into coma.This happened when he was trying to protect a group of civilians from a nearby town and he was put into an ICU for survellience.Back home,his family knew little about the complications.He was in coma for nearly five years and he lost track and designation of his family and life.He had little memory of his current life and was a maze of puzzled memories.He stayed in the hospital for nearly 27 years with no optimism and no perspective in life except a hope that one day he would make way back to his family.The feeling of loneliness and togetherness with his family broke him into shambles when he could remember things until a day,A young Man who resembled Frank in his earlier days.walked in with his wife and younger kid.The doctor informed Frank that it was his Son and his family.He had been searching his father in Army Barracks and hospitals all over.
                        It was a moment of tepid salvation for him as he hugged his son and cried his heart-out over the pain that had built up over the years over the fear of loneliness and not keeping his promise of love to his beloved wife.A sudden sad canopy enveloped them when doctor explained Frank's case to the family and said that he cannot be taken home and should be shifted to a nearby hospital or remedial center.Frank saw his grand child and was taken over BY sudden surge of emotions and happiness.The wizened old man was bent over with the burden of his advanced years.He looked at the small child who held his hand trustingly and marveled at the innocence of the very young who had yet to be touched by the scorching heat of experience and the dreaded experiences of life.It filled his heart with gratitude and he felt blessed to be an integral part of the circle of life.He loved to be alive and so much in mirth after all these heavy and devastating years.His wife although  aged as much as him appeared much lively and happy to be with him.They held hands together and happy to have sufficed their promise of ever lasting longingness...
frank said "all these years i survived only with your memories,your promises...when i was near death,i pleaded myself not to let go..when doctors said i had my irreplaceable memory problem,i said i will not forget my love and my family,no matter i died a thousand deaths daily,i wanted to live.....to see you,to see my kids and see what all i had missed throughout the years...life has been kind to me to atleast let me meet you all again and specially this little fellow wayne here...my GRAND-SON...although i may or may not remember you tomorrow or in the next split second but always remember that grandpa frank loves you" and he started weeping and realizing that you are never a burden for your family no matter what happens.love binds us all.
                        Then he was shifted a hospital near Arizona called st mary's cardiac and nursing center" where he was taken care of by the nurses and the family.Old Frank got an accredition certificate from government for his services in the army and a bravery medal too.
                        And I am the one who held grandpa's hands when i was small and who wrote him a letter which he reads everyday thinking it as a freshly arrived one.And when i am lucky enough he recognises me too.He taught me about the war,gave anecdotes and dished out some great learnings for life.It was always fun to go to his remedial center and play chess or just talk to him as a stranger.Every meeting taught me a lot about the differences between the current and the past generations.
                        The past generation valued relations to the core and were sensitized towrds parents,grand-parents and everyone around and this trait is very much missing among the current generation.So i have learnt about what it means to have family,grand-father and relations to cherish till i die.
life has changed much since the years he arrived but my grandpa is the same.I love it too,its been a struggle for him to remember things and he gets paranoid too and certain people had filed for an euthanasia for him but i know he wants to live till the last day no matter what.So I fought the case on mercy killing at a court and got justice for the same.And my grand father lives to be with me.Grand mother has passed and i am starting my own family but still I am my Grand father's young little grand child.And i still adore my grand father for his valour,courage, patience and persistence to face all odds and i would love my kids to aspire and adore their great great grand father.
                          i am my grand-father's stranger in myriad ways.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Writer is born,not Made!!!

       Not philosophy nor Customization, make a writer.A writer has the capability to emphatize and stretch his stories into a reader's heart.So,a writer has to be emotionally receptive with a concise understanding of all the limitations of human psyche.Reader categories are imbued with Societial Influences and personal perceptions and a writer has to amass the understanding of the hearts that he touches.
         Shortly,in layman's language,"A WRITER IS A SOUL-SEARCHER AND A SOUL-EMPHATHIZER".But being a writer does not require coveted degrees or fanciful theories about society.No,not at all.The point is ,your story should be comprehendable and well-etched having it's heart intact.Be it an Adventurer's callous recalling of his journey or a holocaust victim's written story about her horrid experiences .
        You have a story,just tell it.Emotions,the art of making a reader understand your perspective of the story,makes a writer strike.Before writing,just emphatize and feel the emotions and story angles from all facets and do not ever feel deja-vu when you write.Many people nip the bud of their stories due to deja vu  recreation and sabotagement belief's.Feel it,believe it and just prove that,"A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword"!! 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A writer

"Dreams,noteworthy and passionate,
amount to nothing but meaningless memories"
Father invaded and bruised the soul,
Grabbed it of all the ambiguity and hope...

Still,the power of words remained,
Ink etched on white crisp paper,
bringing the ever-vicious inspiration
to the fore-front in myriad ways.

An amateur teen,bruised, yet
Hope and sense of belief kept me up!!
I dreamt and envisioned,
All i wanted and would accomplish,
not to avenge but triumph...

I wrote succintly and with tears,
for those who needed LOVE,
Love was the healer and Comforter,
Love which i missed and dreaded completely...

As i stood in the husky sunlight,
Girl with an ecstatic smile says,
"Book that was all powerful yet
a guiding force and the only one i have"
and i stood there in silence
completely stirred and emotionally healed..

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Loving your SOUL.

Life happens with a Purpose..Every event and Incident is somewhat connected Upto a point of intuition.

All the Incident's that dawn upon us and all the path's that engulf US happen so as to channelize our energies,which  helps us create our destinies. After a certain point,when we break out of all the Economical or Social mould's, we start Questioning ourselves on a spiritual basis.We try to seek reasons for our existence and inactions.
                                So,is spirituality the Guiding force of life?
The answer lies within yourself in coherent layers's.I am not making a radical point of questioning the institution of religion or sect but suggesting you to understand your own sets of guidelines that you adhere to for your Survival and Existence.

1.) Understanding the Crux factor's of your Happiness makes you hold onto them even Harder.
 Just make an attempt to Understand this philosophy " Every Relationship is formed to nurture and teach Us something crucial to our path toward's liberating the Spirit.Feel free of all the guilt,Remorse and Stress you have or had Toward's any old or sour relationship's.
This will free you of all the emotional and other shackles.

2.) Then understand that , IT IS YOUR JOURNEY...
You are the sailor of your life, so Get your life tailor-made to suit your goals and ambitions.A life without dreams and desires has no meaning.
SO, have a goal and enact it to your LIVE AUDIENCE..

Then get to the Basics,No matter how temperamental or bad relationship you've shared with your kith and kin,parent's or anyone.Respect it and Cherish it.They are the building blocks which keep you Anchored and Satiated.


No matter how good or bad it is,just have a Plan!! A Basic Preparation and a passion for creativity Makes all the Difference.Be the Leaper and not the Hoarder.Be on top of your Plan i.e Be spontaneous to its failure or Success. Know where you are headed!! 

 Is it constantly kneeling down or Fasting or visiting churches? Or whatever you do to please your deity!!
I am not an atheist or narcissistic But i feel that having faith and security on your LORD makes all the difference.
spirituality is something above mere meta-physical or physical levels.......it is from the soul to the heart!!