Friday, 25 November 2011


Media and electronic communication are one of the speediest ways of spreading information to the audience and creating a reactionary response for the same. Media has its own sets of principles on how to present any news or information and how accurate or copious it is. India is a country with a staggering ratio of populace and the amount of uneducated civilians is also huge. These audiences mainly rely on the popular forms of media to stay abreast of all the current happenings and accept all of media’s claims to be true and go on making their beliefs in the same direction.

For example during the era of Second World War and Hitler’s regime, his forces used the propaganda theory and mass media to create an illusionary image of Hitler among his followers to justify his anti-Jew belief’s and actions. Modes of media like radio and news-papers were used to infiltrate and opinionate people against the Slavs and Jews. This strategy plays a massive and integral role in creating followers for Hitler and balancing the stroke of power.

In recent times media has unknowingly changed the tides of many high prolific cases in the country by creating opinion and sticking to the codes of ethics. In the movie No one killed Jessica and in real life too, Jessica’s murder created a huge shockwave through the country and justice was served when protests and rallies and proofs for the case where high-lighted and presented by the media. In the movie Rani Mukherjee played a media journalist who relentlessly pursued her mission and got justice for the victim and set a positive role model for young journalists.

But even the cons of the same issue are staggering and pensive. Movies like Peepli live portrayed media’s critical approach in getting bland stories to the verge of insanity and drawing up a whole village to vociferous drama. Media has been

shown as overtly ambitious and TRP oriented and the basic innate drive of responsible journalism to be missing. Media should focus on getting real serious stories that can change lives and keep society on track as media is a form of gate-keeper and also keep them in check otherwise the statement,” if gate-keeper’s go insane who will keep gate-keepers at bay” will come alive

A radical and strong approach from the audience for the media news reception and analysis is important so as to segregate hay from the churn as there is a constant media and information over-load in today’s trending times and so getting authentic news is very important. For this the audiences should understand that media is just a news provider and should keep themselves at guard from unrequited news and believe in truth. No matter media is very powerful and penetrative and can influence public opinion but it should also maintain its limits and harbor and grow efficiently.

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