Saturday, 21 May 2011

Loving your SOUL.

Life happens with a Purpose..Every event and Incident is somewhat connected Upto a point of intuition.

All the Incident's that dawn upon us and all the path's that engulf US happen so as to channelize our energies,which  helps us create our destinies. After a certain point,when we break out of all the Economical or Social mould's, we start Questioning ourselves on a spiritual basis.We try to seek reasons for our existence and inactions.
                                So,is spirituality the Guiding force of life?
The answer lies within yourself in coherent layers's.I am not making a radical point of questioning the institution of religion or sect but suggesting you to understand your own sets of guidelines that you adhere to for your Survival and Existence.

1.) Understanding the Crux factor's of your Happiness makes you hold onto them even Harder.
 Just make an attempt to Understand this philosophy " Every Relationship is formed to nurture and teach Us something crucial to our path toward's liberating the Spirit.Feel free of all the guilt,Remorse and Stress you have or had Toward's any old or sour relationship's.
This will free you of all the emotional and other shackles.

2.) Then understand that , IT IS YOUR JOURNEY...
You are the sailor of your life, so Get your life tailor-made to suit your goals and ambitions.A life without dreams and desires has no meaning.
SO, have a goal and enact it to your LIVE AUDIENCE..

Then get to the Basics,No matter how temperamental or bad relationship you've shared with your kith and kin,parent's or anyone.Respect it and Cherish it.They are the building blocks which keep you Anchored and Satiated.


No matter how good or bad it is,just have a Plan!! A Basic Preparation and a passion for creativity Makes all the Difference.Be the Leaper and not the Hoarder.Be on top of your Plan i.e Be spontaneous to its failure or Success. Know where you are headed!! 

 Is it constantly kneeling down or Fasting or visiting churches? Or whatever you do to please your deity!!
I am not an atheist or narcissistic But i feel that having faith and security on your LORD makes all the difference.
spirituality is something above mere meta-physical or physical is from the soul to the heart!!