Sunday, 27 November 2011


                The incongrual and pensive debate about the supremacy between a pen and a sword has been a widely debatable and practically demonstrated battle. It has been a derailed account of intellect and strength and the shadows cast by them that affected and somehow changed history.

                Our mythologies depict the divine politics between ASURAS and DEVAS as a historic and a well balanced one where intellect and strength i.e. pen and sword were balanced. Ideas were used to well avert battles as much as possible but when need aroused even battles were fought.

                Recent Anna Hazare campaigns claimed to be Gandhist but were actually anti-pen as public outrage and opinions were channelized through strong political movements.

So where does the analysis of two forte lead to?

Subjectively, both the factors form the crux of the social, economic, political and historic world but a fine line and balance needs to be maintained as both are relatively cohesive and important.

                 A pen is a symbol of wisdom and tranquility and can dictate history, propagate thoughts and alter life .For a linear example look at Anne Frank’s diary that beautifully and vividly explains the anti-Semitic situations and it’s repercussions on the populace belonging to Jewish communities.

                   Many Jew situation sympathizers and common masses still treat “the diary of Anne Frank” and Anne herself as their inspiration and Anne was a critical angle to understanding the violent nature of the Nazi regime. Again Pen and sword and their connection were brought into the fore-front.

                    Sword is a symbol of power and battles and testosterone outburst. Swords are in connotation to wars and today’s generation battles arise due to border disputes, global economic crisis ,terrorism, political instability and internet information security ,however there is an insane combination trending today where words instigate wars and vice-versa.    

                So my answer would be this,.Pen and Swords have an ambivalent relationship and a fine balance and a fine balance between them should be strived rather than exaggerate and over-focus on one of the aspects and agendas.


                                                 Contrast and opposite views

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