Saturday, 2 April 2011


love is a very complicated and digressive topic to discuss,absorb and debate on....from times immemorial we have been fed with staple Bollywood love stories(include Hollywood too) and numerous stories describing the pain and agony our lovers go through till the path leads to salvation and everlasting happiness.
Be it romeo and Juliet's epic saga of forlorn love and longingness or Julius Caesars mistrust leading to loss of love.or in Indian terms Heer-Ranjha and Salim-Anarkali's painful torment to be has always been made arduous and drudgery.
According to oxford dictionary love basically means "a strong positive emotion of regard and affection".....this implies that love is metaphorical to all the emotions we go through for for our near and dear ones...mother's love for her child or husband's love for his wife or a kid's love for his summarizes all our kindness and affection.
In philosophical terms,love is quoted as 'love is a virtue representing all of human kindnesscompassion, and affection'.
So,let me divert your attention from all these quoted "misquotes" and explain you love in my sense,
love is that one person with whom you want to enjoy a blissful journey called life...the everlasting crispy evenings and mushy mornings,the sweet nothings and special is unison of souls who understand and complement each other just like a jigsaw is a very strong feeling and your heart is the torch bearer of all the is simple,pure and bereft of jealousy,anger and is a comforting me on doesn't have to be always just needs to be matured and maturity is a process that is very well enjoyed by true lovers.No matter,we grew up on complicated love stories and somehow expect our love stories to be the same but WAIT!!!! is it necessary???
some where we realise the true worth and importance of a person only when we are without that person and if you cannot live without him/her then grab your fists and proceed and do all that is required to get you love is kind and forgiving when it is true and mature and half the crowd reading this will nod their heads in agreement.

love should be kept clean without involving any unpleasantries like anger and jealousy that shallow down the mirth of a relationship...your teenage crush or the girl you fell for at the football practice or your sweet sixteen form of love or your wedding vows are the perfect paradigms of your is everywhere....just have a heart at the right place and life will welcome you with open arms and hugs.
Next my question is "why should religion and ethos interfere when two souls are in perfect unison"?.maybe it is societal norms that parts away two lovers under chastisised rituals and beliefs but don't all the religions preach about it as their central topics?

BE IT BIBLE OR QURAN OR BHAGVADGITA..........every religion preaches about the value of true love and compassion and in today's generation mass killings or honour killings have blood smeared the very word of religion via love....the gritty tales of horror that take place because of inter caste love is horrendous and no religion approves of is a beautiful feeling that keeps humanity alive with kindness and feelings and please let LOVE  be LOVE and not RELIGION!!!!


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